• Explore the world of wine, however you please.

    Customised wine tastings in Brisbane

  • Why?

    From spoiling VIPs to personal journeys, exploring wine is rewarding.

    Best. Gift. Ever!

    Gift vouchers - easy, delicious?

     Whether it's a thankyou for a valued client, or a gift for Mum, a surprise wine tasting is sure to impress. Gift vouchers start at $200 for a 60 minute tasting (in/around Brisbane) featuring 6 wines valued at $150, and glassware hire included.

    Custom packages can be built to suit your budget so get in touch!

    A treat for special clients

    Give your VIPs an experience to remember

    Do you own a service business? Show your most valuable clients how much you appreciate them by treating them to an intimate, fully customised wine tasting experience. The discussion generated at such events between our winemakers and your clients can change the way your clients think about wine, leaving an indelible impression about your business.

    Special occasions

    Start your next birthday party in style!

    Have a friend reaching a milestone? Give them an experience to remember to get the party started. Don't give them a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers - give them memories of a fun, informative shared activity.

    Explore wine

    Embark (or continue) on a journey of wine discovery

    Let us help you develop a plan to systematically learn more about wine.  We can tailor a program to your needs, making sure you have heaps of fun along the way.

  • How does it work?

    Drop us a line and we'll ask you some questions to tailor-make a unique tasting experience just for you. Questions like...


    Where's the party?

    We can present your tasting wherever you like: your home, a mate's place, your office, a park by the river...Whether you want a wine tasting on your back deck to kick off a party or fill in a Saturday afternoon; or to liven up Friday afternoon drinks at the office; or a tasting as part of an event you are planning - we are infinitely flexible and provide everything you'll need. We bring glassware, wine, knowledge and an infectious love of wine.


    Where will we go? What will we taste?

    Think about the wines you want to explore...Perhaps you want to learn more about the wines of the Yarra Valley, or France or Piedmont. Maybe you'd like to have a look at Sauvignon Blanc wines from around the world? Or maybe Shiraz is your thing? We have suggested some themes below but we can create a totally customised theme just for you. We'll ask you some questions to help identify what tickles your fancy and build a tasting to suit.


    Want cheese with that?

    We can source delicious cheeses to complement your wines, or some more substantial finger food. The glasses we supply are crystal, European-made by Plumm - maybe you'd like to keep them as a useful souvenir? Want a longer tasting? Extra themed modules can be added on as required. Office in the CBD? Chances are, parking ain't free so that will need to be added to the invoice.

  • Tasting Themes

    Your favourite wine in the world is probably still out there...better keep looking!

    Fabulous wines you've probably never heard of

    Take a leap of faith - they're all delicious!

    Based on your wine preferences, we select some wines we know you'll love but have probably never tasted.  This is a well-rounded, all-purpose tasting which includes some bubbly, some white and some red.  A great tasting theme to get acquainted with us.

    Margaret River

    Beautiful scenery, world-class wines

    Silky Semillon blends, world-beating Chardonnay, divine Cabernet Sauvignon. There's plenty to love over here. *This region is just an example - we can visit anywhere you like: Tasmania, McLaren Vale, Barossa, Mornington Peninsula, Loire Valley, Piedmont, Napa...

    Pinot Noir

    Ever wondered what all the fuss is about?

    Pinot Noir can really split the pack, depending on your wine drinking history. Frequently disappointing, usually more expensive than others, this variety is known as a heart-breaker for more reasons than one. Take a tour through various regions, styles and prices. It's a broad topic so don't expect to cover everything in one tasting... *This variety is just an example - we can look at any variety you like: Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling...

    Luxury vs. "entry-level"

    Never had your mind blown by a wine?

    Coughing up the big bucks for a wine you've never tasted before is a risky proposition. We take the risk out by providing you with the opportunity to try some iconic wines we consider to be standouts in their class. The lesson is really driven home when you taste them alongside cheaper versions of similar styles. We might look at two versions each of several wine styles, or six versions of the one style! Or somewhere in between...

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Just to clear a few things up...

    What does a tasting cost?

    Each tasting is different. When you book a tasting with us, we will ask lots of questions to determine exactly what kind of experience you want. There are many variables which influence pricing: duration of the tasting, number of people, wine style and quality. Drop us a line for an obligation-free quote on your tasting. Our entry level tasting of $200 covers a 60 minute tasting (6 wines of average $25 RRP) including glass hire for 8-10 people. Parking fees (if applicable) and any other extras you require (like cheese, finger food, extra wines, extra people, etc.) will be added on top. If you would like to spend more on the wines, the cost goes up accordingly.

    What will we learn?

    The last thing we want to do is bombard you with information about the wines we are tasting. We will facilitate discussion of the wines we are tasting, providing input to keep the discussion going, helping you to draw your own conclusions on the wines. We want to empower you to think about wine in a different way, to embrace the unknown and gain confidence in your own opinions. We will also answer any wine-related questions you may have, from the nuts and bolts of making wine to knowing how to taste wine without looking like a dill.

    Is it a tasting or a party?

    It's a tasting party! (If you want it to be.) Look, we are here to provide whatever you need. If it's something to mix up Friday afternoon office drinks, no worries, it'll be casual as you like. If you want it to be more serious, that works too. We will quickly glean the tone of the tasting you require and present accordingly. We have many years' experience talking wine with people from all walks of life, with different levels of wine knowledge.

    Don't be mistaken, though, we will not be encouraging drinking during the tastings. Our licence allows us to offer wine tastings, not a free-for-all booze-fest. At the completion of the tasting, if there's wine left over (there usually is), you can do whatever you like with it, but during the tasting the idea is to talk and learn about the wine, not get smashed.

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